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Micro credits scheme

Micro credits encourages students to register the training programs with the back of individual lenders. 


The scheme allows lenders to earn passive income while creating tangible social impact through helping the students in need.

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As a student, I have received tangible benefit from Jessie and the team through Necessiti. It’s an important organization that makes education, among other things, accessible to the underprivileged. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for linking me up with Rekfugee. I will wait to have the IT program with Chris, as it doesn't involve any payment.

Wei Ling

I was introduced to Necessiti via word of mouth and my relationship with Necessiti has been nothing short of wonderful. Necessiti team is prompt in contacting scholarship applicants and the use of WhatsApp allowed quick and concise communications - more effective than traditional emails. Necessiti team has been extremely helpful in helping me navigate the Xccelerate scholarship process and yes! I did manage to clinch the scholarship!