• Alysha Bibi

Pathway to DSE

As a Form 6 student, I have to take DSE in early April 2020, which means that the prior months before my exam are my last and only chance to work on my weaker subjects.

Since my school teaches Liberal Studies in Chinese, it is very strenuous for me to understand what is being taught in class considering the fact that I am a Non-Chinese student, because of that, my Liberal Studies was quite poor in Form 5. On that account, I decided to take up some tutorial classes for Liberal Studies in Form 6. Due to financial difficulties, I was unable to afford the sky-rocketing tutorial fees. Seeing this situation, Necessiti provided me with a sponsorship ($2200) to support my 7-month tutorial classes.

After applying for the tutorial classes, my grades jumped. Since the notes used in the tutorial classes were in English, I could easily grasp what was being taught in class and as a result, my LS improved a lot. Had it not been Necessit’s help, I would have never been able to take up LS tutorial classes nor would have my grades boosted so much in just a short period of time. For that, I am very grateful for the fact that, despite Necessti being a small company, their team still took the effort to help those students in need and thus sharpening underprivileged student’s competitive edge.


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